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The four thousand and five hundred miles journey is charted on the Google Maps and using all the features of the Google Maps one can create all sort of maps for the trip. 

The route taken is from London to Istanbul.
Starting from London to Istanbul journey takes its beautiful route through some of the most historical cities of Europe. Tracing the historical route through France, Switzerland, Italy, Former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Hungry, Austria, Germany and back to London. Along the way stop over at the major cities to explore it and moving on. Small little excursion in the country side, small towns, and full control of your schedule are the main reason to travel by car.

The Route: From London to Istanbul
London, England –> Paris, France – Geneva, Switzerland –> Turin, Italy -> Genova, Italy -> Florence, Italy -> Venice, Italy –> Zegrab, Croatia -> Belgrade, Serbia – Sofia, Bulgaria – Istanbul, Turkey

The Route: Back form Istanbul to London
2. Istanbul, Turkey –> Sofia, Bulgaria –> Budapest, Hungry –> Vienna, Austria –> Munich, Germany – > Zurich, Switzerland –>  Geneva, Switzerland –> Paris, France –> to London, England

The Map Master: The entire trip from London to Istanbul and back to London

The Road Trip London to Istanbul

In addition to this, there is a very unique way of creating maps with multiple layers using the program called the MapBox. This is a very advanced and comprehensive tool for the serious GPS and Map enthusiast.


The Map from London to Paris

Map: London to Paris


The Journey from Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland …

The Map: Paris to Geneva

The Journey from Geneva to Turin, Italy  …

Geneva, Switzerland to Turin, Italy

The Journey from Turin, Italy to Genova, Italy …

Turin, Italy to Genova, Italy

The Journey from Genova, Italy to Florence, Italy …

Genova, Italy to Florence, Italy

The Journey from Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy …

From Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy

The Journey from Venice, Italy to Zagreb, Croatia …

Venice, Italy to Zagreb, Croatia

The Journey from Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia …

Zagreb, Coratia to Belgrade, Serbia

The Journey from Belgrade, Serbia to Sofia, Bulgaria …

Belgrade, Serbia to Sofia, Bulgaria

The Journey from Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey …

Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey

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  1. Rizwan:

    This is all from Google Map application. The tremendous help in navigation and charting the route. It was very easy to keep track of all the route on my laptop and on the iPads.

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