The Idea

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The idea of the road trip from London all the to Karachi has been brewing since first year Dow days in Karachi. At that time I had heard of the people completing the journey and only marveled at their adventure. With no resources at hand and no insight into this kind of travel or adventure this idea was just an idea.

After almost three decades in US and extensive road travels, the road travel in USA is still exciting and offers tremendous opportunities to explore. We have explored the national parks, coastal highways and enjoyed every bit of it. It is easy for us to travel by road in USA, probably because we are accustomed to this almost as a routine. The several trip in the mountains of the Smokey Mountain National Park, the trip to Yosemite National Park, the Sequoia National Park, the Shenandoah Valley National Park, the trip across the 2400 miles coast of Florida in 8 days, the famous US 1 route from San Farancisco to Los Angeles and the 4000 miles summer road trip from Miami to Montreal have been our very pleasant experiences here in USA.

The car trip across Europe is certainly the next adventure. So what best way to explore Europe by road than to take a road trip from London to Istanbul, a 2200 mile trip with stopovers at many big cities across the Europe. Whether I am thinking of the Orient Express train ride famous a century ago or the expeditions and journeys prior to that in this continent full of history, it nevertheless appears to be a very exciting trip to embark on.

It is true that there are so many cities in Europe with rich history far more than a comparable city is in USA. To explore each of these famous cities you would need a whole week, if not more, to really absorb the things the city has to offer. But, the excitement of a big journey, the sense of unique adventure, and the joy of accomplishment is too hard to resist. I have always found the journey of getting someplace as important as the actual place itself.

Therefore, we decide to drive …

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