Day 18 – From Paris Back to London

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August 18, 2012

The last section of the trip was to return back to London. From Paris we started early in the morning, around 7 am, to catch the train to transport our car through the English Channel Tunnel back to England. This process was the most streamlined I have ever seen. From the passport check to buying the tickets to loading the car into the train and unloading at the other side in UK was simply the most well designed process I have ever seen. All of this happened while seated in your car and not having to get out of the car for any thing, Once we were at the UK side of the tunnel we simply drove off the train and onto the roads to London.

In London we only had an evening to spend. We went to Hyde Park where we had  Tea and scones with butter and jam in a Pavilion. We met our friends, Dr. Umar Daraz and Dr Waqar Yusuf who had come to meet us at the Royal Albert Hall for the evening of BBC Proms classical music festival. We spent few hours with them. We all enjoyed a good stroll with them going through the area around Royal Albert Hall in London (more on that soon).


Completing the Journey, Back in London after > 4500 miles


Raamish in Hyde Park


The Pavilion in the Hyde Park


Maham in Hyde Park, London


Nofel, in the Hyde Park


The Best Coffee & Tea in Hyde Park London


The Hyde Park


The Tea


The Pavilion in the Hyde Park


With Waqar Yusuf & Umar Daraz, Royal Albert Hall


With Waqar Yusuf & Umar Daraz, Royal Albert Hall


The BBC Proms 2012 at the Albert Hall, London