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  • Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving..”
    – Einstein

Road Trip from London to Istanbul

Finally, so many year of only thinking about it, in the year 2012 things are shaping up. Last year’s trip to England has been a big impetus in this direction. The road trip across Europe is shaping up. I have been in touch with many of my good friends from Dow; Umar Daraz Khan, Syed Waqar Yusuf, Rehman Khan, Ahmed Girach and Nadeem Shakir whose valuable information and help is greatly appreciated.

Started out as a personal summer vacation road trips that we are very fond of in USA, we wanted to see if we can excite few more people into doing this trip. While the response has been encouraging the reality of getting everyone plan for the whole trip is not that simple. Share the information about this trip and possibly meeting few people along the way or travel part of the trip together is something quite doable. Thus, creation of this blog.

This blog is designed to present the idea and the information relevant to the road trip; from the idea to planning, arrangement, the route we will be taking and the cities we will be traveling through during our 19 days of roaming in the Europe. Starting from London to Istanbul journey takes its historical route through some of the most historical countries of Europe. Tracing the historical route through France, Switzerland, Italy, Former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Hungry, Austria, Germany and back to London. Along the way stop over at the major cities to explore it and move on. Small little excursion in the country side, small towns, and full control of your schedule are the main reason to travel by car. 

The Route:

1. London, England – Paris, France – Geneva, Switzerland – Turin, Italy – Genova, Italy – Florence, Italy, Italy – Venice, Italy – Belgrade, Serbia – Sofia, Bulgaria – Istanbul, Turkey

2. Istanbul, Turkey – Bucharest, Romania – Budapest, Hungry – Vienna, Austria – Munich, Germany – Zurich, Switzerland – Geneva, Switzerland – Paris, France – to London, England