Car Rental in Europe is Tricky

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I found out that car rental is some what tricky. Why do I say this?. In Europe travel by car is extensive, the road, the highway system is well-developed. However, since we are dealing with so many countries, so many nationalities, border rules and driving systems, road travel will require a great deal of planning.

The central theme of this journey is the road trip by car. We explored the various possibilities to get the right car for the journey. Best option would have been to ship our car from the US to UK. Use it all over Europe for 19 days and then re-ship back to USA. This will avoid any Rent Car Co restrictions etc. You would not need any registration as long as you are not planning to stay in UK for more than 6 months. However, the cost of shipment, the loading and unloading fee, the other taxes turned out to be expensive. The most important issue is the timely delivery of your car when your arrive in England. Most companies would not guarantee the exact dates the car could be delivered to us in UK. The ocean freight takes 3-4 weeks to ship your car.  So this options was scratched.

Renting a car in Europe will be somewhat tricky for an US person. Restrictions on number of passengers are somewhat more than in USA. Choices of car sizes are limited, but available for 5 passengers as well. Travelling across the EU countries is similar to traveling from state to state in USA. People caution for the road travel in East European countries but not much of a concern and with caution can be done.  Some countries might require a permit to be displayed in the car, all would require proper papers from rent companies. It appears that renting car is still fairly doable thing. The cost range from $1400.00 to $2000.00 for the entire trip.

In terms of insurance coverage there will be additional charges to have a comprehensive coverage to take the car to east european countries and Turkey. Finally we need to add the cost of fuel as well.